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President's Prize 2022 Call for Papers

Bar-Ilan University Press is pleased to announce the University President's Prize, which will be awarded to an original research book written in Hebrew and submitted to Bar-Ilan University Press.

The purpose of the award is to honor and encourage excellent research writing that also appeals to the general educated public. The writing and publication of these works and essays, at the highest level, connects academia with the world outside it, and exposes its research innovations to diverse communities.

The award committee, consisting of renowned researchers who are leaders in their field, will examine the essays submitted to it according to three indicators:

· Originality: The originality of the essay and its significant contribution to the field of research it deals with.

· Quality: The academic level of the essay as expressed in the research method, inference methods and its position at the forefront of the scientific field.

· Interest and exposure: The significance of the subject of the essay to the educated public, the clarity of the writing and the degree of interest it will arouse in a wide readership.

In the Spotlight
The Fragrance of the Field
From biblical to current times; a large number of fragrances have been recorded in Jewish literature. This book is dedicated to a discussion of the halakhic domain of the "blessings on scents" that evolved in the time of the Sages.
International Relationships in the Extended El-Amarna Period (1460-1200 BC)
This volume examines international relations in an era of extensive political activity in the ancient Near East.
Rashi and the Jewish-Christian Polemic
A broad historical perspective informs this book, as well as an inclusive consideration of Rashi’s many and variegated writings related directly or indirectly to the Jewish-Christian polemic, which gained momentum in his lifetime.
Rabbenu Tam
An exploration of the intellectual and social world of Rabbeinu Tam.
Zevulun Hammer – A Political Biography
The late Zevulun Hammer (1936-1998) was one of the prominent leaders of the National Religious Party (NRP) in Israel, and this book traces his political path. His story is not just the story of the man, it is the story of a generation.
The Bible in Rabbinic Interpretation – Jonah
This book gathers all the derashot for the Book of Jonah from the Talmud and Midrash literature (150 sermons). The derashot are arranged according to the biblical sequence of verses in each chapter.
Portraits through the Generations
The Active Tale
The book raises a new research picture of Hasidic fiction
Abraham Ibn Ezra - A Portrait of a Commentator
An intellectual portrait of Ibn Ezra