Yizhak Lamdan's Diary

Yizhak Lamdan's Diary
Annotated Critical Edition
Avidov Lipsker

Yitzhak Lamdan (Mlynov, Ukraine, 1897 - Tel Aviv, Israel, 1954) was one of the most important poets of the Third Aliya (immigration wave), alongside Uri Zvi Grinberg, Abraham Shlonski, Sh. Shalom, Alexander Penn and Avigdor ha-Meiri. He began keeping a diary when he was seventeen years old, in the summer of 1914. The diary, written in Hebrew, documents his wanderings in the Ukraine after World War I, as well as the revolution and civil war which followed it in: Mlynov, Hovin, Luzk and Berstechzka. Its second part is dedicated to his days as a pioneer in Eretz Israel between 1920 and 1924 in Sedjera, Sarona and Tel Aviv, Thus documenting five years of his youth and his first five years in Eretz Israel. This long detailed diary was kept in fifteen notebooks assembled by the author and presented by him to the ‘Genazim Institute’. Since then, the diary has only been reviewed briefly and has chiefly been relegated to the margins of the literary criticism consciousness. This autobiographical manuscript (Genazim/ Yitzhak Lamdan diary: 196/13456) is one of the most prominent documents of the Third Aliya with respect to the language used at the time, the cultural mindset, the sociology of the Third Aliya pioneers and a display of the poet’s personal background information. Large sections of the manuscript have blurred and are difficult to interpret. Moreover its unique orthography, typical to the period, makes it difficult to understand. The historical details demand further clarification. The project seeks to complete Lamdan’s already published literary work, A collection of his poems was printed in 1973 by the Bialik Institute (Kol Shirey Yitzhak Lamdan) and an edited selection of his letters with an introduction was published by the applicant and by Genazim and the Israel Metz Foundation in 1998 (Yitzhak Lamdan: Collected Letters). Listen to a radio broadcast
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