Religious Zionism 6

Religious Zionism 6
History, Thought, Society
Edited by: Dov Schwartz

"Religious Zionism" is a journal published by the Dr. Zerach Verhaftig Institute for the Study of Religious Zionism, which deals with the history of religious Zionism, thought and creation among this movement and the processes it undergoes.

The sixth issue contains challenging and diverse articles on religious Zionism. The issue is dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Prof. Jonathan Sacks, who was an ardent religious Zionist. After a brief presentation of Rabbi Sacks' thought, a challenging essay is presented that deals with the question of whether religious Zionism still exists. This is followed by discussions of personalities: Rabbi Kook and his special style and Yeshayahu Aviad (Wolfsberg) who conceived the meaning of history. The question of dealing with modernity in religious Zionist society at this time is another topic discussed in this issue.

The head of the institute, Prof. Dov Schwartz, serves as the head of the Department of Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University. He has published many books and studies on Jewish thought for generations, including: The Philosophical Thought of Rabbi Soloveitchik (Three Volumes, 5768, 5715), The Shift in Religious-Zionism: From Unity to Plurality (2009), On a Thin Rope: Democracy and Its Values ​​in Religious Zionist Thought (2009), Meetings: Chapters in Jewish Aesthetics (2009).

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