The Ashkenazim

The Ashkenazim
Center vs. East
Yigal Schwartz

In the opening chapter of his new book, Prof. Yigal Schwartz suggests a revolutionary basis for the historiography of modern Hebrew literature, based on mental-stylistic criteria. He argues that the corpus of modern Hebrew "Ashkenazic" literature is actually composed of two distinct groups, each of which has a distinct mental nature due to the different geocultural characteristics in which it was created. In the battle between the two groups, which Schwartz terms “Central” and “Eastern”, the Eastern group has come out the winner for the time being. Schwartz reveals the roots of this phenomenon, its most prominent manifestations, and the main implications derived from it. The other chapters also open a new window to important and fascinating sections in the history of modern Hebrew culture. The book is published jointly with Kinneret , Zmora Bitan, Dvir.
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