Woman in the East; Woman from the East

Woman in the East; Woman from the East
The Story of the Oriental Jewish Woman
Edited by: Shaul Regev, Tova Cohen
Did the Oriental Jewish woman have a history of her own? What was her image in male consciousness? What is known about her contemporary experiences? These are just a few of the questions addressed by the articles in this volume. Their authors have made use of a wide spectrum of sources, ranging from literary and folk texts to documents, statistics and oral and written evidence. The result is a work that explores many of the black holes in our knowledge of the Oriental Jewish woman, both past and present.

Danacode:   110-20085 ISBN:  965-226-298-6 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   335 Weight:   750 gr Dimensions:  17X25 cm Publication Date:   01/2005 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press

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