Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story 2

Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story 2
Sippur Okev Sippur
Edited by: Avidov Lipsker, Rella Kushelevsky, Yoav Elstein
This is the second volume of the Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story, which studies the development of narratives in Jewish literature throughout the ages. This volume adds twelve new entries to the nine entries that appeared in the first volume. Among the entries: Abraham in the Furnace of Fire, Joseph and Potiphar's Wife, King Solomon and Ashmadai, Rabbi Akiba and Rachel, Dama ben Netinah, and others. This volume includes the representative versions of the entries from volumes one and two and English abstracts of the entries from the first two volumes. In the series Thema – A Series of Thematological Studies in the Literature of the Jewish People.

Danacode:   110-20134 ISBN:  978-965-226-358-2 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   368 Weight:   735 gr Dimensions:  17X25 cm Publication Date:   05/2009 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press

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