East and Maghreb II

East and Maghreb II
Researches in the History of the Jews in the Orient and North Africa
Edited by: Avraham Rubinstein, Eliezer Bashan

This series of essays and articles by experts in almost every field of Eastern Jewish life and thought - Sociology, History, Philosophy, Kabbalah, Responsa and Linguistics - does much to fill some of the lacunae in the anatomy of world Jewish culture.

Danacode:   110-10265 ISBN:  965-226-007-X Language:   Hebrew Pages:   253 Weight:   500 gr Dimensions:  16X23 cm Publication Date:   01/1980 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press

Georges Vajda The Structure of the Human Body according to the Commentary by Rabbi Dunach ben Tamim of Kairwan to the Book of Creation (Sefer Yezirah)  9

Mordechai A. Friedman Divorce Proceedings Initiated by the Wife in Eretz Yisrael, Egypt and North Africa, according to the Cairo Genizah Documents  19

Eliezer Bashan The Attitude of the Sages of Salonika in the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries, in the Confrontation over Oligarchical Rule  27

Michael Littman A Responsum of R. Haim Capusi  53

Yosef Tobi The Elegies of Rabbi Shalom Shabazi  67

Yehuda Ratzaby R. Abraham Alnaddaf: Rabbinical Emissary to Yemen  87

Robert Attal Hebrew Printing in the Maghreb  121

Haim Bentov The Ha-Levi ibn Yuli Family  131

Abraham Stahl The Eulogies of Rabbi Ya'akov Abuhazira: The Character of the Saint and its Educational Significance  159

Abraham Haim Sephardi Rabbinical Emissaries to the Maghreb after World War I: The Mission of R. Abraham Pinto to Morocco  171

Moshe Hallamish The Kabbalists in Morocco  205

English Summaries  VII

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