Studies in Bible and Exegesis XI

Studies in Bible and Exegesis XI
Presented to Yaakov Kaduri
Edited by: Eric Lawee, Michael Avioz, Yosef Ofer



Eric Lawee, Hindy Najman, Ishay Rosen-Zvi: Yaakov Kaduri: Teacher and Scholar

Bibliography of the Writings of Yaakov Kaduri


Yair Lorberbaum: Isaac and God’s Separation Anxiety

Jonathan Grossman: The Sale of Joseph: From Diachronic Analysis to Narrative Design

Emanuel Tov: The Samaritan Tenth Commandment as a Literary Composition

Former Prophets

Alexander Rofé: An Essay on the Story of the Anointment of Saul

Amos Frisch: On Three Key Verses in the Book of Kings: A Literary Study

Yael Shemesh: A Widow, a “Wealthy Woman,&rdquo, and a “Holy Man of God”: On the Genre of 2 Kings 4:1 ;7 and 8 ;37

Latter Prophets

Yisca Zimran: Interpretive Perspectives in Isaiah 2:2-5

Noam Mizrahi: “Eternal King&rdquo, or “King of the World”? The Poetic Fragment of Jeremiah 10:10 and its Textual History


Yosef Ofer: A Special Pronunciation of the Letter פ in Three Words in the Book of Daniel

Benjamin Sommer: Hebrew Humanism: A Commentary on Psalm 8 (English)

Biblical Poetry

Edward L. Greenstein: Early Hebrew Poetry

Second Temple Literature

Devorah Dimant: Mother of Jacob and Mother of Tobiah: From the Book of Genesis to the Book of Tobit

Steven D. Fraade: Between Rewritten Bible and Allegorical Commentary: Philo’s Interpretation of the Burning Bush

English Abstracts

Hebrew Abstract

Included in Sale of Hebrew Book Week
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