Leviticus - Large Edition

Leviticus - Large Edition
Mikra'ot Gedolot - 'Haketer'
Edited by: Menachem Cohen

The Mikraot Gedolot HaKeter is a project of Bar-Ilan University, based on the most accurate Bible manuscript, the Aleppo codex.

Thousands of flaws of previous editions have been corrected. It includes an apparatus called "Ein Ha-Masorah"' which makes the terminology of the Masorah readil comprehensible.

The Aramaic targumim and commentaries are based on meticulous comparison of the best extant manuscripts. It includes the most comprehensive selection of medieval commentaries, which have been printed in an easily readable Hebrew font and are clearly punctuated, securing its establishment as an indispensable study and research tool.

Mikraot Gedolot Haketer is available in two sizes , regular book size (17X24 cm), as well as an enlarged edition (23X30 cm).

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A full set (21 volumes) is available only by pre-ordering each of the 3 sets separately:

* Set Torah (7 volumes) Large Edition by pre-order

* Set Nevi'im (7 volumes) Large Edition by pre-order

* Set Ketuvim (7 volumes) Large Edition by pre-order

Danacode:   110-10760 ISBN:  978-965-226-559-3 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   397 Weight:   1400 gr Dimensions:  23X31 cm Publication Date:   06/2022 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press