I Seek Thy Face

I Seek Thy Face
Menachem Lorberbaum

How do we think God? How do we talk about Him? What is our attitude to God and what is faith? This book seeks to address these questions and to propose a Jewish theology that encourages a moral posture in the world. A theology that fosters attentiveness and compassionate responsibility to the suffering of humanity. The book is written in modern Hebrew that ties between past and present. It weaves together the broad legacy of Jewish thought and manages to create a vital movement between the words of the tradition and contemporary concepts, aware of the many challenges that the twentieth century thought posed on all its fronts.
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Danacode:   249-50601 ISBN:  978-965-540-814-0 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   348 Weight:   400 gr Dimensions:  15X22 cm Publication Date:   12/2018 Publisher:   כרמל