Seride Teshuvot of the Ottoman Empire Sages - Volume One

Seride Teshuvot of the Ottoman Empire Sages - Volume One
from the Cairo Genizah in the Elkan Nathan Adler Collection
Shmuel Glick

These two volumes represent the second phase of a comprehensive research project on Responsa fragments of the Ottoman Empire Sages from the Cairo Genizah (16th-19th century). Presented here are 49 segments from the Elkan Nathan Adler Collection at the Jewish Theological Seminary Library in New York (the second larges collection after the one at Cambridge), which include 60 responsa fragments by sages from Israel, Egypt and Turkey, as well as anonymous responsa. The research uncovered unique responsa that are of great vaue to various fields of research in Jewish Studies. The research also presents new topics not touched upon in the first phase of research or in any other research literature. They reveal new insights in the field of Jewish Law and into various historical questions. Beyond the halakhic or historical information revealed by specific ruling, they contribute toward a broader understanding of Responsa literature of the countries surveyed and allow us to analyze its creative process.
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Danacode:   110-10697 ISBN:  978-965-456-066-5 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   450 Weight:   2100 gr Dimensions:  22X28 cm Publication Date:   02/2016 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press