A Treasury of Fables

A Treasury of Fables
Isaac ibn Sahula's Meshal Haqadmoni (Castile; 1281) - Text and Subtext
Revital Refael-Vivante

“A Treasury of Fables” is a comprehensive study of the book written by Isaac ibn Sahula in Castile in 1281, which is distinguished by two innovations. One is that the animals used in his fables are characterized by Jewish values, and the other is that this is first secular Hebrew book in which the author included drawings in the body of the book. These two add to the visual and poetic wealth of the book and captivate the eye and the heart of the reader. Even more than ibn Sahula revealed in his book – in his parables, in his illustrations, in the writings of philosophy, in polemics and in the words of science – is what is written between the lines due to the constraints of his time. His parables are fun to attract the reader's attention, but he uses them as solid ground from which to express his criticism of social class issues and halakhic questions and to make his voice heard in the Jewish–Christian debate. All this preoccupied him and his contemporaries. In a meticulous analysis of the structure and ways of expression, Refael-Vivante delves deeper into his ideas and exposes the secrets of Meshal Haqadmoni. Thus, the reader can see the rich intellectual world and the skills of Ibn Sahula, and his boldness which is evident by virtue of his innovations and his ability to surprise. In each of her book chapters, the author exposes the reader to the spiritual and artistic world of Ibn Sahula and discusses the craftsmanship with which he wove his thoughts and worldview.
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