Studies on the History of the Jews of Ashkenaz

Studies on the History of the Jews of Ashkenaz
Presented to Prof. Eric Zimmer
Edited by: Aharon Gaimani, Daniel Sperber, Gershon Bakon
This volume deals with two main areas: religious customs of Ashkenaz and Jewisyh leadership in Ashkenaz in medieval and early modern times. The articles on customs examine the history of customs in early Ashkenaz in particular, and the development of various minhagim in general. The studies on leadership contribute to our understanding of the personalities, approaches and outlook of the leading figures and movements in Ashkenaz Jewry. These fields of study, minhag and religious leadership, are the major areas of interest of Prof. Eric Zimmer, in whose honor the book has been written. Hebrew.
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Danacode:   110-20121 ISBN:  978-965-226-307-0 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   294 Weight:   650 gr Dimensions:  17X25 cm Publication Date:   05/2008 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press

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