Avidov Lipsker

First Name:Avidov Last Name:Lipsker Prof. Avidov Lipsker teaches in the Faculty of Jewish Studies of Bar-Ilan University. His principal areas of research are modern Hebrew literature; from the turn of the century to the present; and thematology of the literature of the Jewish people. Most of his research in modern Hebrew literature deals with literature of the Third and Fourth Aliyot (immigration waves); during which Hebrew Modernism was formulated; and with the poetry of the 1920s and 1930s; relating to poetic streams in Jewish and general literature and art. His books on modern Hebrew poetry: 'The Poetry Of S.Shalom'(1990); 'The Poetry of A.Broides' (2000). His study proposes a new theoretical approach called ''Cultural Ecosystem;'' designed to replace old poetic models in the ecological literary habitat. This model provides a new critical narrative replacing the accepted historiography of the ''Literary Republic''. In the sphere of the thematology of the literature of the Jewish people; he created; jointly with Prof. Yoav Elstein; a multisystem model dealing with versions of the Jewish story; and published the Thematological Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story: Sippur Okev Sippur (Bar-Ilan Univ. Press 2005). Professor Lipsker is the editor-in-chief of the journal 'Criticism and Interpretation'; published by Bar-Ilan University Press and is editor of two series published by Bar-Ilan University Press as well: 'Critical Horizons' and 'Thema – Thematological Studies in the Literature of the Jewish People'.