How to Use the Site

Book search

Searching for a book on a website is possible in several ways.

Book Finder Triangle

By opening the triangle on the side of the screen, you can start typing the name of a book, author, danacode number and even a subject. A list will open at the top that allows for immediate selection and transfer to a book page of your choosing.

Clicking "Search" in the search from the triangle will open a page with images of all the search results and then you can sort the results based on the name of a book, author or publication date. From there you can go to any book page you choose.

Search by magnifying glass

This search is comprehensive throughout the site, including content pages. It returns a list of results from which you can select and move to the same page.

Once you have found the book you are looking for, click on the image to see a full view of the book page and its availability for purchase.


You can select a category and then search for books within that category. You can display the books in each category by publication date, title or author.


Through the menu at the top of each page, you can navigate at any stage to new books, books on sale, the entire book catalog or our list of journals.

Making a purchase

Selection of products is made from each book page. If the product is available, it will be possible to click the button “Add to Cart”, and from there to continue shopping or proceed to the shopping cart.

If the product is not available, you can click on "Special Request" to send an email to us to request product details and future availability.

Shopping Cart

We do not store any customer details on our site, and there is no need to register / log in to make a purchase. After locating the requested books and adding them to the cart, you choose to move to the shopping cart by clicking "Go to Cart" or by clicking on the cart at the top of the page.

When you arrive at the shopping cart, you will see the products you have chosen. Please note that at this point you will no longer be able to switch between languages. All prices are the same in English and in Hebrew, and all transactions are carried out in NIS. If you wish to see the approximate value of your shopping cart in USD, click on the button “Approximate USD Price”. At this point, you will select a shipping area and shipping method. If you have a coupon code, enter and click the Refresh button to update the price.

If there are shipping notes, write them down in the comments. You can now proceed to “Secure Payment”.

In the customer's details, enter your details and shipping address. Please note that all fields are mandatory with the exception of Additional Telephone. You have the option to pay by credit card and receive an invoice / receipt directly to your email, or make a payment by phone. By clicking "Submit Order", your work order has effectively been sent to the system and all that is left is to arrange a means of payment.

The site Terms must be approved to proceed.

Credit card payment is on a secure page and no details are stored on the site.

We wish you a pleasant browsing and purchase experience!

For any questions you can contact us by email at: sales.press@biu.ac.il