JNF Prize

Bar-Ilan University Press and the Chair of the History of the JNF and its activities at Bar-Ilan University are pleased to announce the JNF Prize, which will be awarded for an original book of research and study on the subject of land building and settlement, and submitted to Bar-Ilan University Press.

The award committee, consisting of renowned researchers who are leaders in their field, will examine the essays submitted to it according to three indicators:

· Originality

The originality of the essay and its significant contribution to the field of research in which it deals.

· Quality

The academic level of the essay as expressed in the research method, inference methods and its position at the forefront of the scientific field.

· Interest and exposure

The significance of the subject of the essay to the educated public, the clarity of the writing and the degree of interest it will arouse in a wide readership.


A. The amount of the cash prize for the first-place winner will be NIS 15,000, for the purpose of participating in the costs of publishing the book, published by Bar-Ilan University.

B. If no book is found worthy of winning the prize the prize will not be awarded this year.

C. The award committee will be able to commend outstanding essays that did not win the award.

D. The Prize Committee may propose to worthy essays that are presented to it, but that do not win the prize, that the book be published by Bar-Ilan University Press, and that an amount of NIS 5,000 be dedicated to participating in the cost of producing the book, subject to section 13 below.

Main submission conditions

Submission of essays

1. The submissions of the nominations for the award will be made by the date of Independence Day, April 15, 2021. The names of the winners will be announced by June 30, 2021.

2. Only complete manuscripts can be submitted, which are well written and edited linguistically and stylistically according to the publishing requirements. Detailed submission guidelines can be found on the publishing house's website. The author will send the publisher two printed copies and a digital copy to the address press.office@biu.ac.il. These copies will not be returned to the author.

3. The author must attach a resume and essay summary (up to 300 words), and a letter of commitment signed.

4. Candidates for the award may submit manuscripts which have not yet been published and for which no contract has been signed.

5. Thesis and doctoral dissertations will not be accepted in that format, unless they have been carefully processed in order to be cohesive and edited as a reference book that meets the above criteria.

6. To the extent that chapters from the book have been previously published on research forums, it is necessary to specify where they were published and to indicate the novelty in the text of the book in comparison with the published articles. A book based in whole or in part on articles that have already been published will not be accepted.

7. It is recommended that the manuscript size does not exceed 350 pages (and a reasonable number of images).

Winning the award and producing the book

8. A condition for winning the prize is the publication of the book by Bar-Ilan University Press. Contestants are not required to publish the book in Bar-Ilan University Press if they have not won the prize.

9. The submitter of a book for the prize will be required to make a written commitment not to negotiate with another publisher and not to submit as a candidate for another prize until the names of the winners are published.

10. Authors associated with Bar-Ilan University Press or members of the Prize Committee may not submit manuscripts to the Prize Competition.

11. The publisher will be entitled to ask the winning author to make changes to the essay, including changing the name of the essay, as a condition for announcing the winning and publishing the book.

12. The winning author undertakes to take care of arranging copyright for non-original materials, and will also arrange for the preparation of an index to the book at the appropriate production stage.

13. The awarding of the prize and the publication of the contribution by Bar-Ilan University Press are intertwined, and are conditional on:

A. The signing of a publishing agreement between the author and Bar-Ilan University Press, or another publisher chosen by it, which regulates the transfer of copyright in the work and the royalties.

B. If corrections are required, a revised manuscript will be submitted to the publisher according to the editorial and readers’ comments no later than six months after the announcement of the win.

C. The revised manuscript will be submitted together with summaries in Hebrew and English, edited and revised at the author's expense.

D. The above manuscript and abstracts will be submitted for professional editing, typesetting and proofreading by the publisher.

E. In exceptional cases, the publisher may grant an extension for the time mentioned above in paragraph b.

14. The cash prize will be awarded to the author after approval of the final manuscript for production, subject to university procedures and regulations.

15. In submitting the manuscript, the author declares that the manuscript is his original work, that he is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights deriving therefrom, and that these rights have not been transferred to any third party.

16. The readers’ reports on the manuscripts will not be given to the authors, unless the manuscript wins a prize or is published, but only with the consent of the readers. In any case, the reader's confidentiality will be maintained unless the reader has approved the removal of the confidentiality.

17. In the process of submitting, reading and judging the manuscripts that will be submitted, the principle of anonymity will be maintained, and the publishing house will ensure the confidentiality of the identity of the authors and judges alike.

18. The publisher will produce the book and publish it within about a year of receiving the final manuscript for production.

19. Manuscripts that have not won a prize but have received positive reviews may publish their essays in the regular course of publishing at Bar-Ilan University Press, subject to the approval of the academic publishing committee of the publishing house.