About Us

Bar-Ilan University Press - An Integration of Worlds

Bar-Ilan University Press is committed to influencing scientific research and public debate. In a time of dramatic changes in the worlds of research and publishing, we collaborate with academia, libraries, authors, and students to meet scientific needs and to shape the future of publishing. We publish original and important research and essays, after rigorous peer review, which we distribute both in Israel and around the world. Bar-Ilan University publishes titles covering a wide range of topics, with emphasis on Jewish studies, humanities and the social sciences. The production process is undertaken in full collaboration with the authors, after custom 'tailoring' for each manuscript in order to shorten the production time while adhering to the highest standards of quality, accuracy and aesthetics.

Structure of the Press

Bar-Ilan University Press has two branches.

The academic division is the book committee whose members are professors from various fields of research at the university. The committee is responsible for the process of accepting and judging the manuscripts and journals, and it convenes several times a year.

Members of the Book Committee (2021)

Prof. Zohar Amar

Prof. Elise Brezis

Prof. Noah Efron

Prof. Shmuel Feiner

Prof. Hillel Frisch

Prof. Jonathan Grossman

Prof. Roman Katsman

Prof. Yair Lorberbaum

Prof. Leib Moskowitz (Chairman)

Prof. Shlomy Mualem

Prof. Nahshon Perez

Prof. Tuvia Peri

Technical Team

The book publishing and administration team is responsible for the production of books and journals after acceptance by the academic committee. The team includes editors and professionals in the fields of publishing, marketing and distribution.

Dr. Alex Tal - General Manager - alex.tal@biu.ac.il

Rachel Joseph - Deputy Director - rachel.joseph@biu.ac.il

Hani Aharoni - Publishing Coordinator - hani.ahroni@biu.ac.il

Anat Gal - Senior Editor - anat.gal@biu.ac.il

Meir Munitz - Editorial Coordinator - meir.munitz@biu.ac.il

Dina Kuperberg - Marketing and Distribution - dina.kupperberg@biu.ac.il

Elad Ron - Marketing and Distribution - elad.ron@biu.ac.il