Privacy Policy

Dear user,

Some of the services on the site require the provision of personal information. There is no obligation to provide these details by law, and their delivery depends only on your will and your free consent.

The information will be stored in the University's databases in accordance with the provisions of the law and in accordance with the University's privacy policy.

For the full privacy policy please click this link.

In order to make paymentד, you will be directed to a third-party website where you will need to enter credit card information. The University does not collect and / or save your payment details but uses the services of an external clearer who meets the requirements of the DSS PCI standard for clearing credit cards.

The University will be entitled to stop the activity carried out on the site, in whole or in part, temporarily and / or permanently, at any time, for the purpose of making updates and / or upgrades and / or corrections and / or adjustments and / or as a result of available and normal interruptions of the site and / םr from disruptions or failures in the Internet or the telephone network, of any kind and type. The user hereby irrevocably waives any claim, and will be prevented from raising any claim and / or demand in connection with the aforesaid.

Business Days - Sunday to Thursdays

Days which are not business days: Friday, Saturday, all national holidays, Rosh Hashana, Erev Yom Kippur and Yom Kippur, all days of Succot, two days of Purim, all days of Pesach, Shavuot, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Ha'atzma'ut, Tisha B'Av, and days when the University has a forced vacation (usually one week in the summer).