East and Maghreb V

East and Maghreb V
Researches in the History of the Jews in the Orient and North Africa
Edited by: Ariel Toaff

This series of essays and articles by experts in almost every field of Eastern Jewish life and thought - Sociology, History, Philosophy, Kabbalah, Responsa and Linguistics - does much to fill some of the lacunae in the anatomy of world Jewish culture.

Danacode:   110-10169 ISBN:  965-226-066-5 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   207 Weight:   500 gr Dimensions:  16X23 cm Publication Date:   02/1987 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press

Pier Cesare Ioly Zorattini Il Testamento di Caliman Belgrado  VII

English Summaries  XXV

Hebrew Section

B.Z. Ornan Pinkus The Portuguese Community of Hamburg in the XVIIth Century  7

Z. Baruchson On the Trade in Hebrew Books between Italy and the Ottoman Empire during the XVIth Century  53

H. Bentov "Residents" Jewish Community in Fez from the XVIth Century  79

A. Toaff The Record Book of the Mohel M. J. Ottolenghi (Leghorn 1863–1879)  109

Y. Ratzhabi A New Edition of the Historical Chapter in Hayyim Hibshush's 'Ru'ala Al-Yaman'  137

E. Bashan A Guild of Jewish Trades at Smyrna in the Beginning of the XVIIIth Century  155

Hebrew Summary  173

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