Tribute to Bialik

Tribute to Bialik
Presented to Prof. Hillel Barzel
Edited by: Hillel Weiss, Yedidya Itzhaki
More than 20 papers delivered by leading academic Bialik scholars (including Sadan, Shaked, Miron, Luz, Barzel, Kaddari, Werses) at a conference devoted to the study of H.N. Bialik's literary writings, held at Bar-Ilan University on the 50th anniversary of his death.

Danacode:   110-10237 ISBN:  965-226-078-9 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   391 Weight:   900 gr Dimensions:  17X25 cm Publication Date:   01/1989 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press

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