The Locust in Jewish Tradition

The Locust in Jewish Tradition
Zohar Amar

Historical accounts and oral traditions of the eating of locusts among Jewish communities throughout the diaspora. Extensive attention is paid to the geo-cultural aspect and its influence on eating practices and rabbinical halakhic rulings among the communities of Ashkenaz and Provence and among the eastern communities (particularly Yemen and North Africa). This is a unique multidisciplinary study, which includes a description of the various types of kosher locusts and their dispersion, biologically and ecologically, as well as historical, halakhic, sociological and folkloristic aspects.
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Danacode:   110-20066 ISBN:  965-226-257-9 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   197 Weight:   440 gr Dimensions:  15X22 cm Publication Date:   01/2004 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press