The Stage of her Life

The Stage of her Life
Conversations with Lea Koenig about Theater and Biography
Yaniv Shimon Goldberg

In the conversations presented in this book, Habima National Theater actress Lea Koenig shares with Yaniv Goldberg, and through him the readers, formative moments in her life, some difficult and some happy, weaves memory into memory, and honestly reveals how life and theater are intertwined for her. She talks about her experiences from the days of World War II, about life in a communist regime, about her love for her husband and the choice not to have children, about her professional path and way of working in theater roles, about choosing to give up Yiddish and act in Hebrew, about Judaism, Zionism and Israeliness. About the world.

Through the personal story accompanied by the characteristic humor of Lea, basic themes in the actors' work are reflected: work on scenes, acting, movement on stage, speech and sound, placement in plays and interpersonal relationships between the participants in the production of a play.

About 50 photographs from Lea's album are included in the book and it also includes biographical appendices of her parents, actors of the Yiddish theater in Eastern Europe, Dina Koenig and Yosef Kamin.

Rabbi Dr. Yaniv Shimon Goldberg, Lawyer and Researcher of Law and Theater, is a lecturer at the Center for Yiddish Studies, the Department of Jewish Literature, Bar-Ilan University and the Faculty of Law at the Peres Academic Center.

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Danacode:   110-20327 ISBN:  978-965-226-624-8 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   218 Weight:   400 gr Dimensions:  15X23 cm Publication Date:   11/2021 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press