The art of storyteller and author Yossel Birstein (1920-2003) was in his delicate composition. Fourteen years after his death, twenty unpublished stories were found in his personal archive in the National Library, which breathed new life into the thread of his unique work. These stories describe simple everyday deeds, that a person from the locality would not have given any thought to at all, and certainly would not have devoted his best years to pursuing them. Riding a crowded and cramped bus, the tedious wait in line for the HMO and quarrels between neighbors are some of the experiences that the Birsteinian narrator looks at, hoping to distill the essence of human existence and its meaning. A passing remark by a passer-by or a spontaneous response from a woman provided him with an opportunity to deal surprisingly with the fundamental issues that are shaking Jewish-Israeli society. His craft - a craft of thought. Beneath the simple folk disguise hides a meticulous and precise narrative process, well aware of its path and destiny. In his stories he blends different and strange raw materials into plots that ignite the fire of the reader's imagination at unexpected meeting points. Hidden in them are the voices of the past and longings for the world that was and is not alongside a sober and witty realistic description of contemporary reality. The sigh of "whining" that accompanies the story regularly weaves in it threads of pain and hope, which present both his simple and complex worldview: "Oh, this is actually the story".

Towards the centenary of his birth, these stories were collected and edited, and about thirty other stories were added to them, which he wrote and told on various stages, but did not include them in his previous short story collections. The name of this collection bears Yossel Birstein's unofficial will: "And since then - only stories".

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