Marriage of Female Minors and Deeds of Marriage Cancellation in Jewish Yemen

Marriage of Female Minors and Deeds of Marriage Cancellation in Jewish Yemen
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Marriages of minors were common in Jewish society throughout the ages. The phenomenon was widespread among Yemenite Jews, especially because of “orphanage decrees&rdquo, (which forced orphans to convert to Islam, and subsequently they married off orphans at an early age to prevent it). The book describes the phenomenon of marriage of minors in Yemenite Jewry, its causes and its implications in Hebrew Law.

One of the consequences of the marriage of minors is the marriage regulation which allows a minor orphan who has been married off by her mother or brother to say that she does not want her husband or to continue in the marriage. In this case, the tribunal writes her a deed, the marriage is annulled, and her status returns to being “single”. The book presents a unique file of Yemenite annulment decrees as well as a comprehensive discussion of the formulas of ancient annulment deeds in general and Yemenite annulment deeds in particular.

The book also presents the differences of opinion and tension that existed between the Yemenite immigrants and those responsible for the absorption of immigrants in Israel (especially in the years immediately following the establishment of the State). Yemenite Judaism, as a conservative society, struggled to preserve the customs of its ancestors, and the issues of polygamy and marriage of minors had a significant place in this conflict.

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Dr. Oded Chomey is a scholar and lecturer in Jewish Studies, especially in the field of family law in Jewish law. He had previously (for about three decades) been in the management and supervision of the secondary education system.

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