Religious Zionism 3

Religious Zionism 3
History; Thought; Society
Edited by: Dov Schwartz

"Religious Zionism" is a collection of studies by the Zerah Warhaftig Institute for the Study of Religious Zionism, which deals with the history of religious Zionism, the philosophy of the religious Zionist movement, and the processes that the movement and the religious Zionist society has undergone since it was founded in 1902 and up until today.
In this volume, there are studies of leading religious leaders, rabbis and educators in the religious Zionist movement: Murād Farag, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Eliezer Meir Lifshutz, Rabbi Itzhak Arieli and Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits, and an article on rabbinic discourse among rabbis regarding pilgrimages to Uman.

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Dov Schwartz Opening Remarks: Prof. Eliezer Don Yehiya z"l, Researcher of Religious Zionism: Milestones 3

Nahem Ilan Murād Farag as a “Zionist Prophet” according to his Book Al-Qudsiyyāt/Heqdeshiyyōt 7

Uriel Barak “The Renewal of Idolatry”: On the Conception of Christianity in the Thought of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook 33

Dov Schwartz Aesthetics and Aesthetical Personality in the Writings of Eliezer Meir Lifshutz 67

Amihai Radzyner Law and History: Rabbi Itzhak Arieli and the founding of Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva 97

Dov Schwartz Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits on the Holocaust: Two Approaches 135

Roni Bar Lev The Rabbinic Educational Discourse in Religious Zionism: On Openness and Opposition to the Rosh Hashana Pilgrimage to Uman 169

From the Archives of the Dr. Zerah Warhaftig Institute for the Research on Religious Zionism

Amihai Radzyner Zerah Warhaftig and R. Haim David Halevy on Civil Marriage 203

Dov Schwartz Nehemia Aminoah: Documents 217