Birthpangs of the Homeland

Birthpangs of the Homeland
David Ohana

Prof. David Ohana follows the secret of the homeland's charm and its mysteries, the issues it raises and the meaning of its existence. His research brings the interpretation of thinkers and researchers such as Menachem Brinker, Boaz Evron, Robert Wistrich, Jacqueline Kahanov, Michael Feiga and others. It follows from the book that the homeland is a primordial element to which we project our deepest feelings, our expectations, our anxieties, our comfort. It transforms the individual into a collective, experiences into memory, and territory into a homeland. The basic questions that the homeland raises also concern the great religions: the desire for life and their sacrifice for something beyond the here and now, The meaning of existence over the moments of ascension and its low points, Where we came from, where we are going. It is no wonder that modern nationalism, which has transformed many of the concepts of religions, views the homeland as the cradle of birth, the beginning of the beginnings of the national collective.
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