The Motive in Criminal Law

The Motive in Criminal Law
Elkana Laist

This book is intended for all interested in material penal law in general and in matters of criminal thought in particular. The book deals with the general irrelevance of the motive for substantive criminal law. The method of discussion is of conceptual analysis according to the research stream of law and philosophy. Among other things, the book deals with the distinction between the concepts of intent, purpose and motivation in Israeli criminal law and Anglo-American criminal law. The book examines the doctrines of criminal law in which the emotion of the operation, or its taste for action, are necessary components for assessing guilt. The book also examines, from various moral points of view, the normative justification that the reason for action or emotion that a person has motivated to perform will be relevant to the assessment of his guilt in a criminal trial. The conclusion of the discussion is that the non-relevance of the motive is incorrect, both descriptive and normative. The book, the winner of the University of Bar-Ilan Law School's Tagger Prize for the original book of the year 5772, is an adaptation of a doctoral dissertation written at Bar-Ilan University, which earned the title "Excellent." The writer, Dr. Elkana Leist, currently serves as the District Public Defender in Tel Aviv. Prior to that, he was a member of the Supreme Court cases department in the National Public Defender's Office. In addition, he was a prosecutor, a charge officer and a defense attorney in the Military Advocate General's Office, as well as an attorney in the Securities Department of the State Attorney's Office for Taxation and Economics.
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