The Ecology of Literature

The Ecology of Literature
Avidov Lipsker

Ecology of Literature' is a new theoretical field that seeks to replace historiographic discourse with the 'literary republic'. The ecology of literature seeks to dismantle the violent component of the discourse on stylistic struggles, revolts in literary establishments and literary revolutions, and propose a new historiographical thought that raises questions in ecology and examines changing and rejuvenating cultural systems by understanding their internal feedback and their connection to their environment. The book tells the history of the idea of "cultural climates" since the eighteenth century and suggests Gregory Bateson's thought of the ecology of the mind as the basis for a new thought of culture and environment as one whole. The book has a central chapter that offers a structured system of concepts for discussion in literary niches, literary bits, canonical components and 'marginal' components as the mechanisms of poetic feedback. An entire chapter will be devoted to ecological readings in early Hebrew literature (Berdyczewski) and modern (A. Appelfeld).
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