A New Man; in a Jewish Form

A New Man; in a Jewish Form
Self Fulfillment; Nationalism and the Concept of "Life of Expansion" in the Writing of A. D. Gordon
Ehud Fuehrer

This book discusses the philosophy of Aaron David Gordon, known primarily as a pioneer and Zionist role model, and it claims two essential assertions about this philosophy: Firstly that Gordon was in fact a philosopher in the strict sense of the word. He created a coherent philosophy based on a systematic methodology and a set of philosophical concepts. Secondly, A.D. Gordon’s philosophy centers on the question of the good life – how an individual and community should behave and act in the world. Gordon termed the ideal life a "life of expansion;" a concept which combines several ideas, such as the need for self-fulfillment and practical self-realization, the reality as an extension of the self, the set of links that connect the individual to family, nation, nature, and humanity, and the implementation of the ideals of the good life in the political sphere.
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