Religious Zionism 2

Religious Zionism 2
History; Thought; Society
Edited by: Dov Schwartz

"Religious Zionism" is a collection of studies by the Zerah Warhaftig Institute for the Study of Religious Zionism, which deals with the history of religious Zionism, the philosophy of the religious Zionist movement, and the processes that the movement and the religious Zionist society has undergone since it was founded in 1902 and up until today.
This volume contains studies on the Netziv of Volozhin, on Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, on Shmuel Chaim Landau (Shachal), on Rabbi David Shlomo Shapira, on the implications of the unification of Mizrachi and Hapo'el Hamizrachi and on the ideological circle of Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva.

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Dov Schwartz Was the Netziv a Pioneer of Religious Zionism? 7

Yoel Yehuda Lange Sacrifices in the third temple: Did Rabbi Abraham Isaak Kookchange his mind? 41

Yosi Avneri Shmuel Chaim Landau, the Leader of Hapoel Hamizrahi in Eretz Israel 1926-1928: Personal, Political, Organizational and Social Aspects 61

Dov Schwartz Between Ideology and Theology in the Union of the Mizrahi and Hapoel Hamizrahi Movements 103

Ido Pachter Universal Orthodoxy: A Reflection on Rabbi David S.Shapiro from Milwaukee’s Thought 131

Udi Avramovitch The Messianic Critique of Gush Emunim: Between the Theological Stream and the Activist Stream in Mercaz Harav Circles 181

From the Archives of the Dr. Zerah Warhaftig Institute for the Research on Religious Zionism

Dov Schwartz

(a) Three Letters by Rabbi Isaac Nissenbaum 225

(b) Letter to Pesach Friedland from Shmaryahu Leib Horowitz 228

(c) “Ritual Instinct” and Physicality: Photographs From Elizur Competitions, Cyprus 1948 231