Reflections on S.Y. Agnon - Volume 2

Reflections on S.Y. Agnon - Volume 2
Avidov Lipsker

This book seeks to sketch parts of S.Y. Agnon's 'Writing Subject', each of which was born from the scholastic imagination stored in his large library of consciousness. The first chapter explores the mind of the frightened believer, Reb Yudel Hasid, the protagonist of the novel 'The Bridal Canopy'. Yudel Hasid is seized by a theological nightmare in a world of duplicates that is growing to infinity. In the second chapter, the writer's subject is portrayed as a frantic man, with the secret of the texts unfolding in his eyes all the time, in the reality of 'Near and Apparent'. Reality is the epiphany of his secret library. The opposite of the thought in this chapter is reinterpreted in the third chapter, which depicts Agnon's view of the Christian European world to which he dedicated his book 'In Mr. Lublin's Store'. The gentile world is "behind the back of the world." This is a paradigm of the ultimate 'total alliance;' to which Agnon devoted his typological novel as the opposite of two eschatologies, Jewish and Christian, which oppress each other to death. The fourth reflection on Agnon's thought is dedicated to his bibliosophy, the search for revelation of the book as a concreteness that reality conceals. The eyes of the bibliophile search for the way the book is transformed from a hidden 'thing' into an object that establishes reality. The physical aspect of the book is the manifestation of its metaphysics. The 'work of the book' is a ritualistic act in whose practice the implied metaphysics of the writing subject is embodied and signifies its form of deployment in the real world. The chapter reviews the bibliophilic editions of Agnon's writings and his involvement in the way they were produced.
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