Albert Einstein and the Zionist Enterprise (1919-1955)

Albert Einstein and the Zionist Enterprise (1919-1955)
Niv Goldstein

Unlike the physical theory of Albert Einstein, which is the subject of international acclaim, his thought about the Zionist enterprise remains almost unexplored. Nevertheless, his statements on this important issue are presented in part and selectively by various writers who seek to claim him for "their side" on the Zionist movement, on the State of Israel and on their attitude to the "Arab question." This book is the result of a study that systematically sought to examine Einstein's views on the Zionist enterprise and the issues involved, by analyzing his writings and letters, speeches and messages, and even his public actions. The study examined many of the primary documents, some of which were revealed to the public only recently, in an attempt to understand them against the background of Einstein's worldview. At the same time, the connection between his general political world view and his Zionist doctrine that influenced each other was revealed. Einstein's views can be presented on a frequent gothic scale, one of which is universalism (liberalism, pacifism and transnationalism) and the other is the particularistic conception of the Jewish people in general and the national solution to its particular problems. All of which provide a more complete picture of his teachings.
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