Daat 81 - In Pathways of Peace and Wisdom

Daat 81 - In Pathways of Peace and Wisdom
A Journal of Jewish Philosophy & Kabbalah - A Tribute to Aviezer Ravitzky
Edited by: Avraham Elqayam , Dov Schwartz, Hanoch Ben-Pazi
This collection contains a variety of studies devoted to Jewish thought in honor of Prof. Aviezer Ravitzky. The volume includes a complete bibliography of books and articles by Prof. Ravitzky, as well as studies in ancient mysticism, Jewish philosophy in the Middle Ages and in the modern era, and Kabbalah.

Danacode:   110-10703 ISSN:  0334-2336 Language:   Hebrew;English Pages:   544 Weight:   1200 gr Dimensions:  17x24 cm Publication Date:   08/2016 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press