They Too Are Called Human

They Too Are Called Human
Gentiles in the Eyes of Maimonides
Menachem Kellner

In this book it is argued that Maimonides was convinced that Jewish doctrine teaches that all human beings are created in God's image and that there is no essential difference between Israel and the other nations of the world. This argument is contrary to that which dominated traditional Judaism since medieval times, and especially since the Emancipation, which attributed to Maimonides particularistic approaches. In Menachem Kellner's opinion, this is a tragic distortion of the reality. Of course, there are differences between the nations and Israel , but, according to Kellner, Maimonides believed the differences are at the level of laws, of history, of destiny. This book offers a close reading of the first, the middle and the last laws in Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah without delving into the philosophical thought of Maimonides. The opening chapter explains Maimonides’ universalism. The last chapter deals with seeming contradictions in Maimonides’ writings. In the epilogue the author departs from a close reading of Maimonides and expresses his opinions in light of today's reality.
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