Ben-Gurion and the Constitution

Ben-Gurion and the Constitution
Nir Kedar

Israel is one of the only countries that didn't adopt a constitution at the time of its declaration. Why? Did Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion really oppose it because he didn't want a legal document that would restrict his power? And how is the debate on the Constitution related to the questions that plague society today regarding the "national law", democracy, the relationship between the military and the political leadership, and the status of the judicial system? The book sheds new light on the question of the Constitution and invites readers to think differently about the shaping of Israel as a democratic country
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Danacode:   110-10692 ISBN:  978-965-552-981-4 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   318 Weight:   400 gr Dimensions:  13X21 cm Publication Date:   10/2015 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press