"A Small Prophecy"
Sincerity and Rhetoric in S.Y. Agnon's 'Ir u-melo'a
Roman Katsman

“A Small Prophecy” raises anew a problem that, in its various faces, has disturbed thinkers from the ancient time our day: the problem of relation between the concepts of truth and myth, miracle and representation, authenticity and expression, personality and discourse. The book develops a theory of sincerity as rhetoric, and of rhetoric and sincerity, and applies it to the analysis and interpretation of ‘Ir u-melo’a – one of the most complicated and enigmatic books of S.Y. Agnon, the great artist of sincerity.
Digital Edition Kotar

Danacode:   110-20207 ISBN:  978-965-226-438-1 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   480 Weight:   1000 gr Dimensions:  17x24 cm Publication Date:   10/2013 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press

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