East and Maghreb VIIl

East and Maghreb VIIl
Researches in the History of the Jews in the Orient and North Africa
Edited by: Ariel Toaff, Moises Orfali, Shaul Regev

This series of essays and articles by experts in almost every field of Eastern Jewish life and thought - Sociology, History, Philosophy, Kabbalah, Responsa and Linguistics - does much to fill some of the lacunae in the anatomy of world Jewish culture.

Danacode:   110-10571 ISBN:  978-965-226-308-7 Language:   Hebrew Pages:   297 Weight:   600 gr Dimensions:  16X23 cm Publication Date:   04/2008 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press

Zohar Amar and Yael Buchman Healers and Physicians in Ottoman Israel  7

Alisa Meyuhas Ginio The Case of an 'Aguna, Monastir (Manastir; Bitola; Bitolj), A. 1643  21

Yaron Ben-Naeh A Scandal in Istanbul  37

Shaul Regev R. Tzedaka Huzin's Leadership Crisis in Baghdad  57

Eliezer Bashan Documents Dealing with a Request to Moses Montefiore, for Intervention on the Behalf of the Widow of Victor Darmon, Beheaded by the Sultan in 1844  71

Orly C. Meron Economic Behavior of Minorities; The Case of the Jewish Community of Salonika (1881-1912)  81

Moshe Amar Irusin (Engagement) and Shiduchin (Introduction) in the Regulations and Rulings of the Sages of Morocco from the Sixteenth Century On  113

Nahem Ilan Between Khartoum, Cairo, Alexandria and Jerusalem: The Borders of Autonomy of the Jewish Community in Sudan  161

Leah Bornstein Makovetsky The Jewish Economic Elite in Aleppo during the Ottoman Period (16th-18th Centuries)  185

Aharon Gaimani Center and Periphery: The Gheil Community and its Ties with San'a  219

Yishai Arnon Tenu'at Hano'ar and the "Urban Training Group" in Tripoli – Preserving Tradition versus Secularization under the Influence of the Settlement Streams in Palestine, 1943-48  259

English Summaries  VII

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