The Holy Tongue; Comedy's Version

The Holy Tongue; Comedy's Version
'Intertextual Dramas on the Stage in a ''A Comedy of Betrothal
Yair Lipshitz

This book focuses on A Comedy of Betrothal (Tzahut Bedihuta DeQiddushin), the earliest known Hebrew play. The study of this Renaissance comedy, dated to the mid-16th century, and attributed to Leone de' Sommi (Yehudah Sommo), a multi-talented Jewish theatre artist presents a new reading that explores the ways in which quotations from Jewish canonical texts are embodied on stage. Such a reading unfolds the possibility for discovering new ways of giving expression to Jewish textual tradition in the theatrical space and in the actor's bodythus revealing new options, both physical and corporeal, for interpreting the Jewish tradition itself. Interpretation and Culture – A Series Edited by: Prof. Avi Sagi Man's nature is to interpret. Human beings, as individuals and as members of a society, are constantly engaged in the interpretation of their deeds, their values, their world and entire realm of activity. The act of interpretation is not the exclusive domain of scholars who research culture. Rather, it is first and foremost, common to every person in this world who strives to find meaning in all spheres of his activity. The act of interpretation is one of the distinguishing characteristics of human existence. Man as a creative thinker is not content with action alone. On the contrary, his acts are accompanied by explanation aimed at understanding. The art of interpretation is usually imbedded in the physical act itself. It is not confined to the light of awareness and methodological consciousness. However, at times interpretation becomes the main focus of study and our attention is diverted from practice to theory. This transition marks the beginning of a new interpretive approach to the study of different areas of human activity by means of deciphering, analysis and description. Such work is carried out by the theoretician and interpretation becomes an independent research discipline. The series ''Interpretation and Culture'' deals with interpretative instances. The books in the series treat the field of interpretation in various aspects: interpretation of literary, philosophical and theological texts, and interpretation of cultures and societies. Each and every book strives to propose an original, challenging interpretive reading.
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