Changes in the Heritage of Yemenite Jewry

Changes in the Heritage of Yemenite Jewry
Under the Influence of Shulhan Arukh and the Kabbalah of R. Yitshaq Luria
Aharon Gaimani

The Land of Israel in the 16th century had a distinct influence on the Jewish Diaspora due to the Spanish exiles who settled in Safed. Their teachings became the universal Jewish heritage in many fields, by virtue of their learnedness as well as the fact that they were’sages of the Holy Land. This study seeks to offer a comprehensive and penetrating appraisal of the nature of the influence of the’teachings of the center in the Land of Israel’on Yemenite Jewry from the 16th to theה’20th century, and to assess the degree to which it displaced the influence of Maimonides.

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