The Old Babylonian Loan Contract

The Old Babylonian Loan Contract
Its History and Geography
Aaron Skaist

A study of the geo-historical distribution of all the loan types as well as of the individual clauses used in the Old Babylonian loan con-tract (c. 1900-1600 B.C.E). It is shown that loan types as well as individual formulas have a limited geographical and historical distribution. Further, it is shown that changes that occur during the lifespan of a formula, e.g., changes of interest rate or modes of guaranteeing loans, are also bounded historically and geographically. From the series ''Bar-Ilan Studies in Near Eastern Languages and Culture''.
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Danacode:   110-10377 ISBN:  965-226-161-2 Language:   English Pages:   291 Weight:   800 gr Dimensions:  17X25 cm Publication Date:   01/1994 Publisher:   Bar-Ilan University Press