Natti Ronel

First Name:Natti Last Name:Ronel Dr. Natti Ronel is a clinical criminologist and a senior lecturer at the Department of Criminology; Bar-Ilan University; Israel. Former researcher-in-chief of the Interdisciplinary Center for Research in Policy and Treatment of Children and Youth; Tel Aviv University; Israel. Natti studies; lectures and treats various fields; including addictions and youth in distress. Natti’s phenomenological studies stress the human side of science and attempt to penetrate and interpret the worldview of participants. Recently he suggested the “Criminal Spin” as a phenomenological-hermeneutical model of criminality with practical implications for ending it; and the “Positive Criminology” perspective that focuses on those influences experienced as positive by individuals that supports staying away from criminality. Natti developed; studies and teaches the application of the 12-Step program in professional practice.