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The Jews in the "Regat" (Old Rumania) Economy 1859-1914The Jews in the "Regat" (Old Rumania) Economy 1859-1914
Dafna Cellier

Reflections on BookloreReflections on Booklore
Edited by
Yigal Schwartz Lilach Nethanel Claudia Rosenzweig

Religious Zionism 4Religious Zionism 4
Edited by
Dov Schwartz

Marriage of Female Minors and Deeds of Marriage Cancellation in Jewish YemenMarriage of Female Minors and Deeds of Marriage Cancellation in Jewish Yemen
Oded Chomey

The Second FloorThe Second Floor
Noga Rosenfarb

Ben Gurion, A Biography Ben Gurion, A Biography
Yossi Goldstein

Daat 88Daat 88
Edited by
Avraham Elqayam Dov Schwartz Hanoch Ben-Pazi

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Daat 73Add to Cart
Daat 73
A Journal of Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah
Edited By Moshe Hallamish
July 2012   Paperback   Danacode 110-10649   In Stock

Semi-Annual edited by the Department of Philosophy, the Jewish Philosophy Unit.

Price: $30.00 Internet Price: $26.00

Journals Daat

Halakhic  LoyaltyAdd to Cart
Halakhic Loyalty
Between Openness and Closure
By Avi Sagi
September 2012   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20184   In Stock

The subject of this book is the analysis of the meaning of halakhic loyalty. Is religious loyalty exclusive? Is it up to the faithful to be obedient or to shape the world as sovereigns who should not give up their autonomy?

Price: $45.00 Internet Price: $38.00

Series Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman

Democratic Culture 15Submit a Rare Title Request
Democratic Culture 15
Law, Culture, and Daily Life in the Wake of the Immanuel Affair
Edited By Avi Sagi Yedidya Stern Hanan Mandel
November 2013   Paperback   Danacode 110-10675   Out of Stock

Democracy in Israel is a young sapling. The depth of its roots and spread of its branches in the local culture are as yet undefined. The adoption of the idea of democracy has been influenced by the history of the Jewish people, a history charact...

Journals Democratic Culture

Jewish Solidarity TestedAdd to Cart
Jewish Solidarity Tested
Religious Zionism in Eretz-Israel Confronts the Holocaust, 1939-1945
By Hava Eshkoli Wagman
December 2012   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20187   In Stock

This book contains annotated documents which provide a picture of religious Zionisms struggle with creating the State of Israel and saving Jews from Nazi persecution from the years 1939 to 1945.

Price: $49.00 Internet Price: $42.00

History Jewish History

Fractured MirrorAdd to Cart
Fractured Mirror
On Creation of the Self in Wittgenstein and Murdoch
By Yoav Ashkenazy
January 2013   Paperback   Danacode 110-20190   In Stock

This book questions the meaning of moral discourse and of the place of literature and philosophy in the context of the inner moral domain, and aims to expose the therapeutic possibilities found in reading and writing literature and philosophy.

Price: $30.00 Internet Price: $26.00

Series Interpretation and Culture edited by Prof. Avi Sagi

Sartre: Existentialism and RomanticismAdd to Cart
Sartre: Existentialism and Romanticism
By Roy Kalay
May 2013   Paperback   Danacode 110-20199   In Stock

This book connects existentialism and romanticism. Its aim is to show that at the heart of Sartres philosophy is a cohesive core of romantic ideas that influenced his existentialist thought.

Price: $30.00 Internet Price: $26.00

Series Interpretation and Culture edited by Prof. Avi Sagi

Will, Freedom and NecessityAdd to Cart
Will, Freedom and Necessity
By Eliezer Malchiel
May 2013   Paperback   Danacode 110-20193   In Stock

Is there really Freedom? By following the philosophical debate on this issue, the book probes the ethical and existential aspirations of opposing theoretical views, and advances an inspiring vision of human freedom firmly embedded within nature.

Price: $39.00 Internet Price: $33.00

Series Interpretation and Culture edited by Prof. Avi Sagi

Citizen-Subject-ConsumerSubmit a Rare Title Request
Law and Government in a Changing State
By Daphne Barak-Erez
December 2012   Paperback   Danacode 625-1200823   Out of Stock

In the modern state, including Israel, participation of citizens in governmental decisions has been diluted considerably. Many important decisions are not made by elected representatives, but by an array of government officers, who are sometimes...


Introduction to Jewish Law in Talmudic TimesAdd to Cart
Introduction to Jewish Law in Talmudic Times
By Shalom Albeck
January 2014   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20208   In Stock

This book is an English translation of Albeck's important work, which first appeared in Hebrew in 1999, published by Bar-Ilan University Press.

Price: $75.00 Internet Price: $64.00


Bar-Ilan Law Studies 28-1Add to Cart
Bar-Ilan Law Studies 28-1
Journal of the Faculty of Law
Edited By Haim Shapira (Editorial Adviser) Nerya Cohen
December 2012   Paperback   Danacode 110-10651   In Stock
Price: $38.00
Internet Price: $32.00
Journals Bar-Ilan Law Studies
Mahbarot LiyehuditAdd to Cart
Mahbarot Liyehudit
Studies Presented to Professor Judith Dishon
Edited By Ephraim Hazan Shmuel Refael
January 2013   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20189   In Stock

Mahbarot Liyehudit is a collection of studies on medieval literature research presented to Professor Judith Dishon in recognition of her many years of work in the field.

Price: $49.00 Internet Price: $42.00


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