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From Category - Critical Horizons- edited by Prof. Avidov Lipsker
Emotional Disorientation
The Grotesque and Related Qualities in Poetry and the Arts
Critical Horizons
By Reuven Zur
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This book explores emotional disorientation in literature, the visual arts and opera. The works of literature discussed are Khanokh Levins Jobs Sufferings, a poem by Shlonsky, two poems by Ibn Gabirol, poems by theFrench poets Villon and Baudelaire, a poem by the German poet Christian Morgenstern, poems by the Hungarian poet Endre Ady, Dantes Inferno and horror jokes. The works discussed in the visual arts are droodles, the image of devils and demons, and Hieronymus Boschs Hell. The opera discussed is Mussorgskys Boris Godunov.

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Danacode: 110-20213
ISBN: 978-965-226-444-2
Categories: Critical Horizons- edited by Prof. Avidov Lipsker Literature Philosophy Art
Published: May 2014
Language: Hebrew
17X25 cm
700 gr
252 pages

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