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From Category - Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman
Burning Scrolls and Ascending Letters
Unpublished Writings on the Shoah
By Shmuel Zanvel Kahana Edited By Zohar Maor Naama Maor
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This book presents the Shoah thought of Shmuel Zanvel Kahana (also known as SHaZaCh, 19051998) for the first time, and portrays his commemoration activities as founder and director of the Chamber of the Shoah on Mount Zion, the first official commemoration institute in Israel. Most of the content of the book was never published; it was composed from various drafts and notes, written along more that forty years and kept in Kahanas private archive.
The manuscript contains eight chapters, two of which are of special importance. The first chapter consists of Kahanas daring endeavor to construct a new Jewish theology after the Shoa, composed from his own reflections, sermons (demonstrating his virtuosic proficiency in the Torah), and from victims and survivors discussions that he documented. The fifth chapter brings a collection of Kahanas Shoa legends, composed by him in order to convey the educational messages of the Shoa to next generations.

Title Details
Danacode: 110-20260
ISBN: 978-965-226-483-1
Categories: Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman Jewish Thought
Published: July 2018
Language: Hebrew
17x24 cm
800 gr
268 pages

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