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Ben Gurion, A Biography
Book One: The Conquest of Leadership; Book Two: The Leader - His Rise and Fall
By Yossi Goldstein
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This biography encompasses the history of David Ben-Gurion's life from his childhood and youth in his native Poland to his death in 1973. This perspective of his life history presented in these wo volumes differs from biographies and previous studies written on Ben-Gurion in the facts presented therein, historical analysis and conclusions. The biography is based on primary sources, some of which have not been used so far: Ben-Gurion's diary, an irreplaceable historical source that teaches about his life, activities and mindset, though his writing is repetitive and his credibility is limited; his epistles; related protocols; selected press, as well as secondary sources. Writing this new biography entailed tackling many questions related to the historical importance of the subject of biography – the greatest Jewish statesman ever – and his complex personality. Who was the man? The smartest person? Incredibly intuitive? Belligerent? Compassionate? A political manipulator? Stubborn? A strange man in his behavior?
Historical developments have been linked to personality traits. Ben-Gurion did not shy away from making tough decisions, even when he knew their results could be terrible, even when he was aware that he might be wrong in his political, military, economic and political analyses. He knew how to decide and control his authority. When he did, he was resolute, even when the resistance was dramatic. Indeed, he had errors in analyzing reality. Some would even emphasize his mistakes. Nevertheless, there has not been another leader like him who influenced Jewish society in modern times and whose dramatic decisions later determined the character and development of the State of Israel.
The first volume of the biography begins in his hometown of Płońsk, Poland, upon his immigration to Palestine and his assassination there as a "second immigrant" son. Later he describes his trip to the United States, returning to Israel and becoming the leader of the Workers' Union. The book describes, explains and analyzes its success in making the Histadrut the most important political, economic and social body in the Jewish community in Israel during the Mandate period and in the early years of the State of Israel. At the same time, the discussion seeks to wonder how Ben-Gurion, since his 1935 coronation as chairman of the agency's management, became the one who led the Jewish community to political independence in Israel. The second volume in the history of Ben-Gurion's life begins with the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel and the War of Independence, continues with the explanation and analysis of his years as prime minister, and ends with his death.

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Danacode: 110-20284
ISBN: 978-965-226-510-4
Categories: History Jewish History
Published: November 2019
Language: Hebrew
17X25 cm
2500 gr
1452 pages

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