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From Category - Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman
The Present Age
Looking at Jewish Thought Today
By Avi Sagi
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This book is part of an ongoing effort by Prof. Avi Sagi to create a Jewish philosophy that addresses the challenges of Jewish and Israeli existence in the present. This is done through a dual perspective – the diacritic and the synchronous – that establishes a philosophy that concerns the present within the fabric of culture and the actual tradition; The past is interpreted from the present, with its values and the human attachments that form it. However, this present is not detached from the past, but contains its residues: myth, ethos, memory, culture and tradition. The philosophical reflection that Prof. Sagi proposes expresses an awareness of the fusion of horizons between the two. Moreover, it reflects loyalty and commitment to the past and present.
The book is an account of the reflective encounter between philosophy and real life, and it reflects the author's stabilization as a philosopher who thinks about Jewish existence at this time and deals with central questions in our lives as Jews and Israelis living here and now. Its chapters present new possibilities for dealing with the social, political, religious and moral reality of our lives. The book invites its readers to dialogue; It is not the end of the discussion, but one milestone in the ongoing discussion of Jewish existence at this time.

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Danacode: 110-20246
ISBN: 978-965-226-491-6
Categories: Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman Philosophy
Published: September 2017
Language: Hebrew
17x24 cm
450 gr
280 pages

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