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Home Page A Word of Hope (Piyyut in Tradition 5-6)
From Category - Literature
A Word of Hope (Piyyut in Tradition 5-6)
Studies in Poetry and Piyyut Presented to Professor Binyamin Bar-Tikva
Edited By Ephraim Hazan
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"Davar Tikva" is a collection of studies in the literature of the Middle Ages in the centers of poetry and their branches. The volume is presented as a gift to Professor Emeritus Benjamin Bar-Tikva in recognition of his long-standing work in research and teaching. His friends, colleagues, admirers, and students joined in honoring the fruits of their research in the spirit of his teachings and interests. Prof. Bar-Tikva's research work and a list of Prof. Bar-Tikva's publications are reviewed at the beginning of the book, which was edited by Prof. Efraim Hazan, a colleague of Prof. Bar-Tikva and Dr. Avi Schmidman, one of his outstanding students.
The four sections of the volume are related to Prof. Bar-Tikva's research, from the beginning of ancient Hebrew piyyut, through the centers of liturgy in Europe: Spain, Ashkenaz and Provence, to the extensions of Sephardic poetry in North Africa and Aleppo. They culminate with contemporary piyyutim, including Holocaust lamentations, a subject close to the Jubilee’s heart.

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Danacode: 110-20244
ISBN: 978-965-226-465-7
Categories: Literature Piyyut in Tradition
Published: July 2017
Edition: First
Language: Hebrew,English
17x24 cm
700 gr
484 pages

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