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Home Page Criticism and Interpretation 45 – Readings in Hebrew Poetry
From Category - Criticism and Interpretation
Criticism and Interpretation 45 – Readings in Hebrew Poetry
Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Culture
Edited By Avidov Lipsker Tamar Wolf-Monzon
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This anthology of Hebrew poetry readings takes us on a journey between periods, poets and voices in Hebrew poetry throughout the ages. The articles are arranged according to a chronological sequence – from readings and studies in the medieval prosody and in the piyyutim, through research on Rachel Morphorgo's first book of poems, to the cultural activity of Ze'ev Jabotinsky and his linguistic work. In the field of modern Hebrew poetry, a research was dedicated to Alexander Penn, and a special section was dedicated to discussions in the poetry of Leah Goldberg. Other poets whose poetry is examined in the collection are Dan Pagis, Avot Yeshurun, Zelda, Hezi Leskley and Yona Wallach. The thirteen articles included in the book were written by leading scholars in the contemporary research of Hebrew poetry.

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Danacode: 110-10714
ISSN: 0084-9456
Categories: Criticism and Interpretation Literature Ebooks available on Kotar Art
Published: May 2017
Edition: First
Language: Hebrew
15X22 cm
800 gr
392 pages

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