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B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 35B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 35
ByEdited by
Ely Merzbach

Yefet Ben 'Eli's Commentary on ZephaniahYefet Ben 'Eli's Commentary on Zephaniah
Meira Polliack Eliezer Schlossberg

Ya'akov Shachewitz - A'Mind Miner' from the 1st 'Aliya'Ya'akov Shachewitz - A'Mind Miner' from the 1st 'Aliya'
Sara Ziv

Rabbi Shalom Shabazi: Revelations from a New ManuscriptRabbi Shalom Shabazi: Revelations from a New Manuscript
Aharon Gaimani

Criticism and Interpretation 46Criticism and Interpretation 46
ByEdited by
Tamar Wolf-Monzon Vered Tohar

Prolonged Singlehood among Religious ZionistsProlonged Singlehood among Religious Zionists
Ari Engelberg

And Now - A StoryAnd Now - A Story
Yossel Birstein Edited by Aminadav Routtenberg

Home PageLinguistics A Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew (Alef - Taw)
From Category - Linguistics
A Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew (Alef - Taw)
Ozar Leson ha-Miqra` me-Alef `ad Taw
Edited By Menachem Zvi Kaddari
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This is the first modern Hebrew dictionary to the Hebrew Bible. A previous edition published 20 years ago comprised 3 volumes (alef-tet).

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Danacode: 110-10543
ISBN: 965-226-287-0
Categories: Linguistics Dictionaries Talmud and Rabbinic Literature
Published: March 2017
Edition: First
Language: Hebrew
17X25 cm
1655 gr
1258 pages

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Comments: Printed on high-quality Bible paper
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