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Home PageJournalsCriticism and Interpretation Criticism and Interpretation 43- On The Brink -Liminality in Literature and Culture In Honor of Yehuda Friedlander
From Category - Criticism and Interpretation
Criticism and Interpretation 43- On The Brink -Liminality in Literature and Culture In Honor of Yehuda Friedlander
Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Culture
Edited By Tamar Wolf-Monzon Avidov Lipsker
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The issue On the Brink: Liminality in Literature and Culture sets out to explore different aspects of geographical, anthropological and cultural border situations, and cross-cultural encounters within and outside of Hebrew literature. The condition of social-cultural liminality comes to light in this collection in a variety of possibilities: as a state of ambivalence and vagueness, and at the same time as a source of inspiration made possible by the ``constant mobility of the other`` and the simultaneous presence in different cultural territories. Along with the concept of liminality, the last section of the volume examines different aspects of the concept of ``poetic justice`` from a social, philosophical, moral and poetic point of view.
This volume, dedicated with deep esteem to Prof. Yehuda Friedlander in honor of his 70th birthday, reflects the broad perspective of his academic research and intellectual quest.

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Danacode: 110-10599
ISSN: 0084-9456
Categories: Criticism and Interpretation Literature
Published: July 2010
Edition: First
Language: Hebrew
15X22 cm
600 gr
410 pages

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